The question is?? The answer is??

This topic has come up for me to talk about at the next spiritual service.
What comes to mind is the questions we ask ourselves determine the answers we will receive as well as the energy we are creating. If everything is energy and what we think about we create then the questions we ask and how we ask them are important.
When we ask WHY to questions, why is this happening, why did I loose my job, why am I sick, we may not always get the appropriate or helpful answer. Our egoic mind loves to ponder on why, in fact it loves to live in the past and that is what WHY questions help to create.

I like the option or choice of asking what is the gift or blessing or what am I here to learn from this situation?
That opens the door to new beginnings and to more growth.
It is also important for us to remember that it is not our job to know HOW something will happen. That is up to GOD and the Universe.
We just have to keep staying open and saying YES!!!
I would love to hear from you.
Blessings, Laurie

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