Healing Classes

Books, Healing & Spiritual Classes/ Workshops & Talks

Laurie has been teaching a variety of healing and spiritual classes for many years.

She offers a wide variety of classes including:

  • Spiritual Medicine – Acupressure Your Stress Away – practical tools for handling stress and feeling ALIVE
  • Healing Tips for Living through & with cancer and other illnesses and challenges
  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Retreats/classes for a Healthier/Happier Life
  • Law of Attraction and prosperity consciousness building workshops and classes
  • Body/Emotion Connection – learn how to get more in  touch with how you are feeling and be in more control of your emotions.  Learn what organs are related to the specific emotions and how to connect to your inner light and inner peace on a daily basis.
  • Inner Child and Loving Self Workshop
  • Grief Support  and Forgiveness Classes

Laurie’s 2 books, Blessings of Gratitude and Spiritual Medicine are available through Laurie directly. Blessings of Gratitude has blessings for everything that happens in our life including blessings for cancer, weddings, divorce, giving birth and much more. The book is all about living from a grateful heart and how seeing things that happen as a blessing can help you to cope better with the changes of life.

Spiritual Medicine covers every aspect of our life with Laurie’s healing messages and practical techniques throughout the book. Spiritual Medicine will help you on your journey to health, healing and living a positive and joyful life.  For more info. on her books and workshops and to order Laurie’s books email: laurieleahlevine@gmail.com