Rules for living your life purpose


I came across this great check list for living our life purpose from The Purpose of your Life by Carol Adrienne. I wanted to share it with you:

Keep these ideas in mind when you are feeling confused or need a little support in taking steps forward. To evaluate yoru current thinking, check the box if you can say yes to each statement. If you do not agree, you might want to write out how you feel or what your experience has been.


I believe that my attitudes and beliefs structure how my world appears to me.

I am absolutely clear that I want to live in the flow of my purpose.

I can honestly admit what is working in my life and what is not.

I believe that my intuition is guiding me to fulfill my purpose.

I will commit to taking small steps toward those things that have heart and meaning for me.

I can let go fo stuggling for power and trying to control others.

I remember to keep things simple.

I believe that everyone has at least one natural talent that is necessary to the working of the universal flow.

I believe that my world cna change as I change my attitudes and beliefs, and that anything is poosible.

I attract peop[le and events at the appropriate time.

I always have a choice.

“If you can honestly check off every box, your purpose has already emerged, or is very close to being revealed to you.¬† If there are any statements you cannot check, begin to hold these ideas in your mind and mamke an intention to have htese insights be made more clear by direct experience”.

Page 31 of The Purpose of Your Life by Carol Adrienne

 Peace and blessings, Laurie


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