healing ourselves

Hi and blessings to you,
So how do we heal ourselves?
Over the past 25 years in my healing practice I have found that
one of the most profound ways to heal is to do it from the inside out.
This means to begin to build a relationship with each part of you.
The answers we are seeking are within us. They are not found outside of ourselves.
You can start this practice by getting comfortable, closing your eyes and breathing very deeply. Start to focus on each organ one at a time and on each part of your body and ask each area what it needs and what might be blocking the flow of energy in that particular area.
Start to send love and blessings to each part of you. This is a powerful healing tool. We tend to get angry with ourselves instead of loving and blessing our body and life.
Start thanking each part of you for the amazing healing it is doing.
I have actually produced this meditation on a cd – Inner Healing Meditation – Healing from the inside out and you can get it at this link:http://positivelivingspiritualcentre.com/shop/
More to come. Hope this is a good starting place
Would love to hear from you.
Peace and blessings, Laurie
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