Daily Affirmations

I wanted to talk about the importance of affirmations in helping us to

focus on what we want. In order to fully create what we want,

we need to look at our belief system and make sure that it is in

alignment with what we are wanting to create.

If we feel like we do not deserve a loving relationship and are

affirming we want one, it will be much harder to create that.  I had to

get to the place in me that I really believed I deserved a loving and

supportive relationship and was affirming that on a regular basis,

then I met my husband – and it worked!

I am excited about my new affirmation book coming out in

September/October this year.

Here is one of the affirmations from my book:

New opportunities to make money and do what I love are

now manifesting for me. I am a money magnet. I am in the flow of

life and abundance is my birthright.

And so it is

More affirmations to come

Peace and blessings, Laurie

Please share what affirmation has worked best for you.

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