Podcast Interview #7: Daniel Coates Part 2

Feel Good Radio Show on Coast FM with Laurie Levine. Laurie interviewed Daniel Coates singer, songwriter on Sound and healing.

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Pocast Interview #6: Daniel Coates Part 1

Feel Good Radio Show on Coast FM with Laurie Levine. Laurie interviewed Daniel Coates singer, songwriter on Sound and healing.

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Podcast Interview #5: Ros Clarkson

Feel Good Radio Show on Coast FM with Laurie Levine. Laurie interviewed Ros Clarkson on the journey through cancer and staying positive.

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Podcast Interview #4: Margaret Stewart: Touch for Health

Feel Good Radio Show on Coast FM with Laurie Levine. Laurie interviewed Margaret Stewart on Touch for Health.

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Podcast Interview #3: Allan Rudner: Men and Boys

Feel Good Radio Show on Coast FM with Laurie Levine. Laurie interviewed Allan Rudner about the relationship with men and boys.

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Podcast Interview #2: Mary Beijerinck

Feel Good Radio Show on Coast FM with Laurie Levine. Laurie interviewed Mary Beijerinck about staying positive through challenging times.

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Podcast Interview #1: Lisa Callinan

Feel Good Radio Show on Coast FM with Laurie Levine. Laurie interviewed Lisa Callinan on change and how to embrace it.

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To Be Or Not TO BE
That really is the question of our journey of spirituality.
What does it mean to just BE
That is our quest to Be still, to be who we truly are: to be Powerful, to SHINE
‎ To just be ourselves? Not someone else, not someone we think we should be or others want us to be, but our authentic our REAL self.
How much energy does it take to be someone and something we are not. When I was younger in school I really struggled alot and tried so hard to be liked and was afraid to be who I truly was and to shine. So scared of showing my real powers and of being different from the other kids. It is easier to be small than to be our BIG selves. It took me along time to be comfortable being different.
From Echart Tolle -practicing the power of now.
When you surrender to what is and so become fully present, the past ceases to have any power. The realm of Being, which had been obscured by the mind, then opens up. Suddenly, a great stillness arises within you and unfathomable sense of peace And within that peace, there is great joy and within that joy there is love and at the innermost core, there is the sacred, the immeasurable. That which cannot be named
As Dan experienced on Friday and wrote in facebook: If your not sure what to do, don’t do anything. Worked for me today, just went and meditated by the lake and for 1/2 an hour and then it was clear. This is so true. We try to fix things or make it happen when all we really ever need to do is stop and be – just turn it over, listen, be still and hear that still small voice within.

If you could share the deepest secret of your soul of who you are truly what would that be?
What are some of the things you are most proud of yourself for? Write them down.
It is ok to be proud of YOU.
I want you to know that I am so proud of who I am and the things I have achieved in my life, like working since I was 16 and buying my first car and saving the money to travel and live in Israel when I was 17 and 18.
I would love to hear from you, to hear your thoughts.

The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail. Ramakrishna
Remember today, how loved, cherished and supported you are by the Universe just for being YOU!!
Affirmation : I am loved, I am supported and all my needs are met always. The Universe Loves me and I love myself too! And So It Is

Release Fear, do not give it any power. Claim back your power. My mind and my thoughts do not have power over me. I have power over my mind and my fears.
Do not look for and focus on what is wrong with your body or life, look for what is right.
Much love and light, Laurie

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Spirituality – perfect mirror reflection

All that I create is a perfect mirror of where I am putting my focus and attention. Laurie

This was such a clear message today. All that we create in our life is a perfect mirror image and reflection of where we are at right now and what thoughts and emotions we are projecting. The universe is always giving us a perfect message and reflection of what we are focusing on.

Isnt this what spirituality and consciousness is all about. We have an opportunity each day to expand our consciousness and understanding by becoming more aware of our thinking and that we are constantly at choice each and every moment.
We are all spiritual beings first and foremost having an human experience

I would love to hear your thoughts. Join us at: www.positivelivingspiritualcentre.com and on my website: laurielevine.com

We are also on facebook and twitter.

Peace and blessings, Laurie


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Speaking your truth

It struck me today while I was teaching my kundalini yoga class on how many of us do not speak our truth and have blocked throat centres. This can have a great affect on our life and health.

Are you someone who is afraid to speak up or has a hard time doing so? Do you get sore throats or throat infections? When the energy is our throat chakra gets blocked and is not flowing it can certainly be connected to problems with the throat and glands.

I know that for me having had my thyroid gland removed was a big wake up call on just how many years I spent in my life not saying what I wanted to and speaking UP and expressing my truth.

It is vital to our health and wellbeing on every level that we begin to practice speaking up and giving ourselves permission to do so.

Start doing head rolls slowly to open up the neck and throat. Turn your head side to side. Breathe in when your head turns left and exhale when you head turns right. This also helps open up this area.

Start speaking up and practicing at home in front of a mirror to get your confidence up or writing it down, dancing it out, singing it out. Whatever works for you.

Just start with affirming: I am open and willing to begin to speak my truth and express myself. What I have to say is important and I can do it!

Let me know how you go.

Peace and blessings, laurie



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 Just say yes

This is a powerful affirmation to use every day. Say yes to life, yes to health, yes to loving relationships, yes to feeling good, yes to happiness…what else do you want to say yes to? What message do you give out to the universe, that you are open to receive or that we are not? 

 In this society today, we are so geared and trained to saying no or focusing on what we do not want instead of saying yes and focusing on the good. We are afraid to get too excited about anything because maybe it won’t happen and then we won’t get disappointed.

What message are we giving the Universe?

This is so ingrain in all of us. We now the chance to break this thought pattern. I once worked with year 12 girls to teach them practical stress release tools for helping them through the HSC. I was teaching them how to see it in a whole new way. One girl said to me I would rather think the worst so that I wont be disappointed. This is a very old thought pattern worth breaking.

 “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

“Nothing external to you has any power over you”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Always ask yourself what message are you giving the universe by your thoughts and actions. Say yes and Affirm daily how open you are for good flowing in your life and how deserving you are!! When things are not happening the way you want, just say yes to perfect unfoldment. Say yes to trusting, say yes to believing.

The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail. Ramakrishna

Grace is always happening even when we do not think anything is happening. the practice is to not let our mind go into fear.

Till next time. Blessings, Laurie




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Tips For Living Well Through Illness

I just spoke on this subject today at a talk I gave and wanted to share it with you. Please send it off to anyone you think it could help.
Remember it is all a journey…..

These are in no particular order.
• Talk about how you are feeling and find ways to release your fears. Make peace with yourself and others. Let go of anger, resentment and guilt. They do not support the healing process.
• Breathe deeply. We breathe very shallow especially when we are in pain or scared.
• Ask your body what it needs on a daily basis and begin to build
a relationship with yourself on a deeper level. Each day send love, light and healing energy to your organs, cells and body, especially to any area in pain. Good to do when you are having chemo and other tests
• Feel grateful for what you have in your life right now and for every cell and part of you!
• Forgive yourself and others for past experiences so you are not holding on to negative energy from the past.
• Take time every day to meditate and be still. Do not spend time worrying about things that are out of your control.
• Do daily meditation for balance and relaxation for mind and body.
• Spent time in nature on a regular basis.
• Look for the blessing in each situation and focus on that. Ask for help and support when you need it.
• Laugh more and enjoy each moment. Do things that make you happy. Let people you care about know how you feel.
• Have a look at your diet and see what needs to change. Cut back on caffeine, sugar and alcohol and eat healthy and fresh foods. Drink plenty of water.
• Drinking water with lemon can help to make your ph levels more alkaline.


I hope these tips can help you. For more information on my books, Blessings of Gratitude & Spiritual Medicine, my healing sessions and classes; you can ring :
0423 394 676
Email: laurieleahlevine@gmail.com
Website: www.positivelivingspiritualcentre.com and www.laurielevine.com

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Self Healing

As someone who has been a healer all my life and have helped so many others in their healing journey: I am constantly reminded that our healing really begins within each of us.
We are each our greatest healer!
For greater health and wellbeing it is so important to spend time daily being still and tuning in to ourselves.
Take a few minutes each day to tune in to every organ and part of your body and send loving, healing energy and light to each part and affirm how healthy you are.
I have also found it so helpful to ask our body what message it has for us, what it needs and also to keep thanking and being grateful for it.
It is a simple but powerful tool for self healing and for wellness!
Give it a go and let me know what you think.
Peace and blessings, Laurie

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Mothers – you are a blessing to this world

This blog is dedicated to all mothers around the world and especially my Mom, Sylvia.
When I was younger I knew for sure that I would be a mother one day with at least 2 children. I had so many psychics over the years tell me the same thing. Well it was not meant to be in this lifetime for me to have my own biological children. I do feel blessed to have helped so many children in my practice and now have a beautiful grandson Jack from Stans son Jarred and daughter n law Jenna. We also have a beautiful little girl Jacinta that we are in the program Aunties and Uncles with.
So many miracles and blessings.
I want to acknowledge all Mothers out there for your love, your light, and for dedicating your life to loving your children and watching them grow into healthy and happy people.
I am in awe of all of you mothers.
I am so grateful for my Mom and all she gave to me. She was always there unconditionally through the years and wiped my tears when I would come home crying from school and more occassions than I can remember.
As an adult she was still always there loving me and listening to me.
That is really the greatest gift anyone can give to us. Loving us and listening attentively.
So a big thank you to my beautiful Mother, Sylvia and to all Mothers.
God BLess YOU!!!!
Love, Laurie

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life is abundant

Watching the beautiful full moon yesterday reflecting over the lake reminded me of just how abundant life is, how abundant nature is and how we are all one with everything.
I was in awe looking through the telescope at the moon of just how beautiful life is and no matter what is showing up, to constantly come back to a feeling of gratefulness and focusing on all the amazing blessings happening each and every moment.
If we can focus on the blessings, we can experience so much more joy and grace.
Isnt this what we came here for; to experience joy, love and grace in the midst of it all?
The choice is up to us on where we want to put our attention and focus – on the stress or on the beauty?
Till next time. Much love and light, Laurie
My radio show is on Coast Fm every other Friday night from 6-8. You can listen live online. Next show on May 18th. www.coastfm.org.au

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This is the time, it is now…

This is the only time. Nothing else exists but this moment. This is from my talk at the spiritual centre for today.

The time is NOW for doing what you love, for living the life you dream of and deserve. This is the time for taking action and for stepping forward. This is the time for Living Fully, For being willing to listen to that still small voice within you that is always guiding you or that little voice whispering in your ear…you can, you can, you can…


This is the time for believing in your self

Have you ever wanted to do something like travel or make something but never got the chance to or made the time to?

Sometimes we do not fulfil our dreams is because we do not know how it will happen or how we will get the money to do it. Remember that the how is not our concern. It is the Universe/Gods concern.  All we have to do is step out and take the first steps, be willing to receive, be willing to grow, be willing to step out and make our dreams a reality.

The time is Now.  Time to TRUST and let go, Trust that the Universe has your best interest at heart. Trust that as you hold this vision it is all ready unfolding for your highest good.

Life is the dancer and you are the dance. ~ Eckhart Tolle

This is from Lisa: Always remember, that your life is in constant co-creation with the Universe. The timing of events in our lives is in Divine timing not our timing. If something is not happening in the way that you want it to, stop for a moment, take a breath, and regroup. As you stop and connect with your Spirit, you will find it easier to accept what is happening in your life.

Life is so precious and none of us know how long we are here for, so we might as well fulfil our dreams and do what makes us happy. This is our birthright.

The world makes way for the man or woman who knows where they are going. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

 My leap of faith – leaving my first marriage, coming to Australia when I was 30 and moving here with a few suitcases and not knowing what was next, travelling on my own to different countries and always trusting I was looked after…

What has been your leap of faith moments? Who wants to share?

 From Esther Hicks: Everything vibrates and is communication, reacting, responding and integrating with other vibrating things. Once you begin to offer your vibrations on purpose, now you are in absolute control of your own experience.

Ernest Holmes:  At the center of my being there is complete pose, perfect faith and confidence. I am forever one with Spirit, in It and of It. I am an individualization of pure Spirit.  I am free. The Freedom of God is my freedom. The Power of God is my power. The Presence of God is with me. The Mind of God is my mind. The Strength of God is my strength. The Joy of God is my Joy. I know that I am one with God.  I know that God in me is perfect. I know that my real nature is spiritual. I know that I exist in a boundless good, in a heavenly state, and in perfect being. I know that my mind is being acted upon by pure Spirit. Divine Intelligence guides me into peace, happiness, success, joy, love and living my dreams.

 More to come. Divine blessings of love to you, Laurie

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The time is now

Hi again,
The time is now is truly what it means. If you have been putting off doing something you want to do, the time is now. The way will be made clear for you. All you have to do is say YES.
I used to have a radio show on the northern beaches and this year decided I wanted to do a radio show again.
Last night was the first airing of my new show: FEEL GOOD RADIO on Coast FM, 96.3
It was very exciting and fun. The next show airs on Friday, May 4th from 6-8pm
You can listen online at: http://www.coastfm.org.au/
It is so important to do what we love and what brings us joy. Take the time each day to nurture your self and to feed your heart and soul.
Life is too short, so do not wait any longer. Take the first step toward your dreams and vision now.
Peace and blessings, Laurie

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whats the rush?

It struck me today as I spent some time in Bondi of how much we all spend our days rushing around here and there.
As I watched all that was taking place around me I started to think of the following questions:

  • Why do we feel like we have to rush?
  • What are we rushing for and to?
  • Do we think we will get there faster?
  • How much of life are we missing by rushing so much?

These are wonderful questions to contemplate on if you are someone who rushes through life.
We all need to learn how to BE more.
Just to stop and breathe, smell the rose, appreciate all that is around us and to be present!
This is our practice to slow down, stop the rushing around and learn how to spend time each day just being still.
Till next time
Peace and blessings, Laurie

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latest message

I was walking my dog Sparky around the lake today and I sat down on a bench surround by glistening clear, calm water and beautiful trees all around me. I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths in and started to feel connected and one with the trees and the water.
When my mind got very still and quiet I heard a strong message:

Let go of worrying about things that do not matter and spend time focusing on things that do matter

This is such an important message for all of us. How much time and energy do we put in thinking about things that really do not matter and are out of our control. It makes so much more sense to put our energy into things that do matter and into feeling good, healthy, vibrant and joyful.

So this is the practice. Who is going to join me!!!!
Love, Laurie
twitter: laurie__levine

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letting go of emotional blockages

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Been busy with life.
I wanted to share about an amazing thing that happened on Friday night.
We went to see the Kirtan Singer, Dave Stringer and the energy was building in the room
I remember doing a prayer and asking God that all my negativity and blocks be lifted from me and that
my heart be opened and expanded.
It was only a little bit after that that I felt an intense pain in my disk of my back. I thought it would go away
with some deep breathing and it only got stronger to the point that I could not stand up and could not stop crying or shaking. I was happy that the music was loud so that I could let the emotions go.
I got help to leave the concert and get into the car.
By the next morning the pain was all gone and only the remnants of tenderness in the lower back left.
I am so grateful to have released whatever I did and for the amazing healing power of my body.
Thank you GOD, Thank you BODY
Thank you LIFE
Until next time
twitter: laurie__levine

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