5 Steps To Feeling More Positive

5 Steps To Feeling More Positive

By Laurie Levine, Author of The Power of Creating Through Affirmations


Slow down and focus more often on your breath. Focus on breathing more deeply and relaxing your body and mind as you exhale the breath out.  Focus on feeling good!

When we are concentrating on something or feeling upset, fearful, and anxious or in pain we tend to breathe very shallow and this just adds more stress and tension in our body/mind.

Breathe in fully into your stomach and chest to the count of 4. Imagine that as you are taking a breath in through your nose and are bringing in all the things you want in your life, such as; Breathing in positivity, joy and light.

Hold your breath in for the count of 2. Breathe out to the count of 4.

Imagine breathing out any negativity such as; unforgiveness, fear, worry, anger, doubt, guilt, grief etc. Repeat this several times during the day and especially when you are feeling stressed or anxious. It is good to be aware of your breathing during the day so that it becomes a conscious process. You will FEEL BETTER, have more energy, greater concentration and focus by getting more oxygen into your body and cells. We can change the way we feel and what we can create by becoming more aware of our breath.


Take time every day to be creative and tap into that part of you. We all have it in us. It might even be to notice beauty all around you and be around positive people and creative people as well as listening to a uplifting message on face book or in a movie.  MAKE SURE YOU LAUGH EVERY DAY. LIGHTEN UP AND DO NOT TAKE THINGS TO SERIOUSLY.


HAVE FUN – If you are feeling low it really helps to move your energy and do something physical that you enjoy. Take a walk, stretch, dance, sing, swim, watch a funny movie, whatever works for you to help you feel more positive. Get out of your comfort zone. Do different things, take risks, order a new dish to try, buy a piece of clothing that makes you feel fabulous. Wear bright colors.


If you’re not feeling it, ACT AS IF

What is one thing you can do today that feels empowering for you?

What is your posture like right now? Are you sitting up straight?

Our body language shows the world how we feel about ourselves.

How do you hold your body when you are feeling confident?

Act as if now. Remember a time you were confident and felt in your power – go there now. Breathe in that feeling and picture. Let the words you speak and the actions you take be from an empowered and confident point of view. Practice living fully in each moment instead of in the past or in the present.


Affirmations have a higher vibration and help our mind and energy to shift. Make them in the present tense, like it is happening now. What we think and believe, we create.  Feel the power and truth in each affirmation you say – Try this one – breathe it in, feel the energy and vibration of these words:

“Today I choose to see my life more positively. I am in control of my mind and how I feel. I am focusing on feeling good and creating more abundant flow in all areas of my life.

All is good and I am excited!”

Get a copy of Laurie’s new Affirmation book and feel empowered with 365 positive messages for every day of the year.  www.laurielevine.com

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Daily Affirmations

I wanted to talk about the importance of affirmations in helping us to

focus on what we want. In order to fully create what we want,

we need to look at our belief system and make sure that it is in

alignment with what we are wanting to create.

If we feel like we do not deserve a loving relationship and are

affirming we want one, it will be much harder to create that.  I had to

get to the place in me that I really believed I deserved a loving and

supportive relationship and was affirming that on a regular basis,

then I met my husband – and it worked!

I am excited about my new affirmation book coming out in

September/October this year.

Here is one of the affirmations from my book:

New opportunities to make money and do what I love are

now manifesting for me. I am a money magnet. I am in the flow of

life and abundance is my birthright.

And so it is

More affirmations to come

Peace and blessings, Laurie

Please share what affirmation has worked best for you.

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Rules for living your life purpose


I came across this great check list for living our life purpose from The Purpose of your Life by Carol Adrienne. I wanted to share it with you:

Keep these ideas in mind when you are feeling confused or need a little support in taking steps forward. To evaluate yoru current thinking, check the box if you can say yes to each statement. If you do not agree, you might want to write out how you feel or what your experience has been.


I believe that my attitudes and beliefs structure how my world appears to me.

I am absolutely clear that I want to live in the flow of my purpose.

I can honestly admit what is working in my life and what is not.

I believe that my intuition is guiding me to fulfill my purpose.

I will commit to taking small steps toward those things that have heart and meaning for me.

I can let go fo stuggling for power and trying to control others.

I remember to keep things simple.

I believe that everyone has at least one natural talent that is necessary to the working of the universal flow.

I believe that my world cna change as I change my attitudes and beliefs, and that anything is poosible.

I attract peop[le and events at the appropriate time.

I always have a choice.

“If you can honestly check off every box, your purpose has already emerged, or is very close to being revealed to you.  If there are any statements you cannot check, begin to hold these ideas in your mind and mamke an intention to have htese insights be made more clear by direct experience”.

Page 31 of The Purpose of Your Life by Carol Adrienne

 Peace and blessings, Laurie




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Healing affirmation

This is a good affirmation to say every day. Breathe it in to every cell in your body. Feel your body being filled with light and healing energy.

Radiant health flows through my body and is expressed in every part of my being.

I share this feeling of balance, wholeness and harmony with myself and others.

I am aware of each present moment and living in the NOW!

And so it is, And so I let it be.

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Being Present is what counts….

How many times a day do we live out of the present moment?
This is an interesting question to look into more closely.
I know personally for so much of my life I have lived in my head thinking about the future or
dwelling in the past and have missed so much of just living in the present moment.
How often do our minds wonder to fantasies. What if this happened?
What if that happened?
How often do we take ourselves out of our relationships by not being present with our partners?
We make up full scenarios in our minds that never take place or we put so much energy into them that we create them in reality.
The challenge here is to become more aware and notice every time we go out of now and then gently and lovingly remind ourselves to come back to this present moment.
Stop whatever you are doing right now and take several deep breaths. Feel yourself right here, right now. There is nothing else but NOW.
Peace and blessings, laurie
I would love to hear from you.
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I want to talk about Love and most importantly how vital it is to our
health, well-being and relationships that we love ourselves first and foremost.
This is an earthly challenge for many of us for sure. I know it has been my journey and mission here to love and accept myself for who I am.
I always felt very different and never fit in with others at school. It took me well into my 30’s to begin to know deep within my being that I had a special gift and that being different was OK. Actually it is more than OK.
So for all of us out there that feel different for whatever reason, I am here to tell you that you are perfect just the way you are.
You are and we are all here for a Divine Purpose and part of that purpose is to be true to ourselves. To be real, to be authentic, to be quirky, to be nerdy, to be gay, to be whatever we choose and whatever we are.
We give a great gift to others and to the planet when we have the courage to BE who we are and to love ourselves for our differences.

I love myself. I love you!
Shine your light, be who you are, start a new beginning in this moment and in the next.
Peace and blessings, Laurie

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Podcast Interview #17: Annie Sobey – Being a Spiritual Medium

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Being in Control

Hi Again,
I have been noticing my own thoughts this morning and how my ego wants to control situations in my life and people as well. I have to laugh and know that it is time to let go and let GOD. To focus once again on what I want and not what I do not want. This is a constant practice and constant companion.
I turn over the NEED TO CONTROL and surrender my will to God’s Will and to knowing that all is in perfect order and perfect unfoldment always. And So It Is, And So I Let It Be.
Love and blessings, Laurie
Would love to hear your thoughts. What are you letting go of today?

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Interview with Psychic Maria Demasi

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The question is?? The answer is??

This topic has come up for me to talk about at the next spiritual service.
What comes to mind is the questions we ask ourselves determine the answers we will receive as well as the energy we are creating. If everything is energy and what we think about we create then the questions we ask and how we ask them are important.
When we ask WHY to questions, why is this happening, why did I loose my job, why am I sick, we may not always get the appropriate or helpful answer. Our egoic mind loves to ponder on why, in fact it loves to live in the past and that is what WHY questions help to create.

I like the option or choice of asking what is the gift or blessing or what am I here to learn from this situation?
That opens the door to new beginnings and to more growth.
It is also important for us to remember that it is not our job to know HOW something will happen. That is up to GOD and the Universe.
We just have to keep staying open and saying YES!!!
I would love to hear from you.
Blessings, Laurie

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self help from Laurie for feeling better

Some simple  Ways to help ourselves feel better from my book, Spiritual Medicine:

Feel grateful for what you do have in your life; every day!!!, every moment even.

Forgive yourself and others from the past, so you can be more present now. Let go and stay

in the present moment as much as possible. This is where joy is.

Let go of anger, worry, resentment and guilt NOW. Make peace with yourself, others and the past.

Do not waste time being concerned about stuff that does not matter. Focus on what is important

to you and on creating the most joyful life you can.

And most importantly: Be patient and loving with yourself

Laurie Levine



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healing ourselves

Hi and blessings to you,
So how do we heal ourselves?
Over the past 25 years in my healing practice I have found that
one of the most profound ways to heal is to do it from the inside out.
This means to begin to build a relationship with each part of you.
The answers we are seeking are within us. They are not found outside of ourselves.
You can start this practice by getting comfortable, closing your eyes and breathing very deeply. Start to focus on each organ one at a time and on each part of your body and ask each area what it needs and what might be blocking the flow of energy in that particular area.
Start to send love and blessings to each part of you. This is a powerful healing tool. We tend to get angry with ourselves instead of loving and blessing our body and life.
Start thanking each part of you for the amazing healing it is doing.
I have actually produced this meditation on a cd – Inner Healing Meditation – Healing from the inside out and you can get it at this link:http://positivelivingspiritualcentre.com/shop/
More to come. Hope this is a good starting place
Would love to hear from you.
Peace and blessings, Laurie
Listen to my radio interviews on the podcast page.
Join laurie levine and get a free download meditation on releasing stress from me.

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