Being Present is what counts….

How many times a day do we live out of the present moment?
This is an interesting question to look into more closely.
I know personally for so much of my life I have lived in my head thinking about the future or
dwelling in the past and have missed so much of just living in the present moment.
How often do our minds wonder to fantasies. What if this happened?
What if that happened?
How often do we take ourselves out of our relationships by not being present with our partners?
We make up full scenarios in our minds that never take place or we put so much energy into them that we create them in reality.
The challenge here is to become more aware and notice every time we go out of now and then gently and lovingly remind ourselves to come back to this present moment.
Stop whatever you are doing right now and take several deep breaths. Feel yourself right here, right now. There is nothing else but NOW.
Peace and blessings, laurie
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