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THE POWER OF CREATING THROUGH AFFIRMATIONS IS OUT NOW. Get your copy on Laurie’s shop page or through Amazon.com

Laurie is a professional Speaker, gifted Spiritual healer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Laurie is one of Australia’s most highly regarded healers and has been an intuitive healer/empath all her life.   Laurie has had a healing practice for almost almost 30 years. She is the Developer and practitioner of Emotional Release Point Therapy. Find out more about her Body Reading sessions and how they can help you.

Laurie offers her powerful healing and spiritual sessions by phone and skype. She helps her clients to get in touch with emotional blockages so that they can feel healthier and happier

Laurie combines many different modalities in her healing work including Energetic and Spiritual Healing, Acupressure, Cranial Sacral, NLP, Guided Meditations and much more. She works on every level with her clients to come back to feeling more joy and harmony.

Laurie’s Yoga Classes are on daily in Wyongah and at various schools and locations. Laurie also runs monthly Gong and Crystal Bowl Meditation and Relaxation workshops in Wyongah and Long Jetty. See yoga page for more details.

Laurie is a professional speaker and for the past 11 years Laurie has been the Spiritual Director and Leader of Positive Living Spiritual Centre, Sydney.  She is a New Thought Minister helping people to lead more joyful lives. www.positivelivingspiritualcentre.com

Laurie has 3 published books, Blessings of Gratitude and Spiritual Medicine.   Laurie’s new Affirmation book. The Power of Creating Through Affirmations is available as an ebook, kindle and hard copy.  You can order copies of her books directly through our shop.

You can contact Laurie at laurieleahlevine@gmail.com

She has written for many prominent magazines and newspapers such as Prevention, Nature and Health, Wellbeing, and The West Australian.

Laurie appears regularly on TV and radio and writes for several magazines and newspapers.  She continues to empower people globally by her work and presence.

Contact Laurie to speak at your next conference, expo or festival on 0423 394 676