5 Steps To Feeling More Positive

5 Steps To Feeling More Positive

By Laurie Levine, Author of The Power of Creating Through Affirmations


Slow down and focus more often on your breath. Focus on breathing more deeply and relaxing your body and mind as you exhale the breath out.  Focus on feeling good!

When we are concentrating on something or feeling upset, fearful, and anxious or in pain we tend to breathe very shallow and this just adds more stress and tension in our body/mind.

Breathe in fully into your stomach and chest to the count of 4. Imagine that as you are taking a breath in through your nose and are bringing in all the things you want in your life, such as; Breathing in positivity, joy and light.

Hold your breath in for the count of 2. Breathe out to the count of 4.

Imagine breathing out any negativity such as; unforgiveness, fear, worry, anger, doubt, guilt, grief etc. Repeat this several times during the day and especially when you are feeling stressed or anxious. It is good to be aware of your breathing during the day so that it becomes a conscious process. You will FEEL BETTER, have more energy, greater concentration and focus by getting more oxygen into your body and cells. We can change the way we feel and what we can create by becoming more aware of our breath.


Take time every day to be creative and tap into that part of you. We all have it in us. It might even be to notice beauty all around you and be around positive people and creative people as well as listening to a uplifting message on face book or in a movie.  MAKE SURE YOU LAUGH EVERY DAY. LIGHTEN UP AND DO NOT TAKE THINGS TO SERIOUSLY.


HAVE FUN – If you are feeling low it really helps to move your energy and do something physical that you enjoy. Take a walk, stretch, dance, sing, swim, watch a funny movie, whatever works for you to help you feel more positive. Get out of your comfort zone. Do different things, take risks, order a new dish to try, buy a piece of clothing that makes you feel fabulous. Wear bright colors.


If you’re not feeling it, ACT AS IF

What is one thing you can do today that feels empowering for you?

What is your posture like right now? Are you sitting up straight?

Our body language shows the world how we feel about ourselves.

How do you hold your body when you are feeling confident?

Act as if now. Remember a time you were confident and felt in your power – go there now. Breathe in that feeling and picture. Let the words you speak and the actions you take be from an empowered and confident point of view. Practice living fully in each moment instead of in the past or in the present.


Affirmations have a higher vibration and help our mind and energy to shift. Make them in the present tense, like it is happening now. What we think and believe, we create.  Feel the power and truth in each affirmation you say – Try this one – breathe it in, feel the energy and vibration of these words:

“Today I choose to see my life more positively. I am in control of my mind and how I feel. I am focusing on feeling good and creating more abundant flow in all areas of my life.

All is good and I am excited!”

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